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Where Christ is present, love is real and ALL really does mean ALL!

Holy Sacrament is a Convergent Catholic mission in Logan WV. Our Sunday gathering roots us in the story of what God has done, and invites us to take our place in the story. At Holy Sacrament ALL are fully welcomed in every part of the service. 

We are an LGBT+ affirming and welcoming congregation, meaning that members of the LGBT+ community and beyond have full access to all the sacraments - including but not limited to the marriage and ordination. 

We are currently in transition to a new meeting space.
Watch this section or join out Facebook Group for updates as they become available.


When times are tough or extra help is needed in certain seasons of the journey, we are available to step in and provide assistance.

We can receive prayer requests at, and we are faithful to pray for the needs of our church. 

Congregational Care can sometimes assist in connecting you with a community resource that can help set up meal schedules, locate moving help, and lawn mowers, and even conflict resolution strategies. If you have a need or would like to be a resource for us to call on when needs arise, please email our Rector at

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